This weekend I attempted to make macarons, which is no mean feat. One of my housemates proposed an arrangement whereby he provided the ingredients and the washing up, if I bake – half of the baking then goes to him for his volunteers in his charity shop while the other half stays for the household. I used a Mary Berry recipe and it seemed to work quite well. It called for the making of Italian meringue which I had never attempted before, so all a bit of a challenge for me.

These seemed to turn out ok, a bit hit and miss though. Some of them didn’t have the ‘feet’ on that they are supposed to have and some of them were perfect. I think it doesn’t help that my piping was really irregular so they were all different sizes and thus would have cooked at different times. To be fair, I’d left my piping bags at a friend’s house a few weeks back so I had to use a presentation bag I use when I make crafted things for presents for people, cut off a corner, and use that which wasn’t ideal. They’ve mainly got a nice crunchy top, but they’re a bit chewy inside, which I don’t think they’re meant to be. I’m not entirely sure what they’re even meant to be like to be honest.

Overall I the recipe was really straight forward and they weren’t a complete disaster, which overall, makes it a winner. I’ve tried making themĀ a few times beforeĀ and this is the closest I’ve come to them being good so I think I’ll definitely give it another go and I’d certainly recommend that recipe.