This is my first baking post so I hope it’s enjoyed by those interested! This weekend my best friend fell on the dance-floor, rendering her unable to drive home to where she lives in Cardiff for, probably, two weeks. So I’ve been seeing her most nights to have a bit of a laugh and a few days ago we had a bake together. I’d been meaning to make these pretty viennese whirl things out of the book from Series 2 of The Great British Bake-Off (the series with the insanely good-looking guy in it) for a while but last weekend on yet another ill-fated night out I lost my bank card so I couldn’t buy the stuff I needed. I figured this would be a good opportunity to give ’em a whirl. Pun intended.

So while she wheeled herself round the kitchen gathering the ingredients for her banana loaf, I started on the whirls. I followed the recipe *exactly* but when I went to pipe them onto the baking tray, there was NO getting the mixture out of the bag through the nozzle. I was squeezing so hard that I almost burst the piping bag. Eventually, after me, her and her mum laughing into tears at the mixture being so thick that I could lift the bowl simply by lifting the spoon inserted into the mixture, I decided to add a bit of milk to loosen it up a bit. Then her mum dug out the electric whisks and I had a good old mix which made a good lot of difference. After that, they came out pretty well, I had to bake them at home later though as the banana bread took a good hour and it was half 10 by that point. They tasted proper nice though and I’m about to make the filling for them now, but to be honest they’re quite nice just as little biscuits. By the way if anyone wants to know, I made the pink bits by putting a stripe of red colouring down the inside of the piping bag before putting in the mixture, but I can’t take credit for that as it was in the recipe! I’m slightly disappointed in the failure of the recipe seeing as it’s from The Bake-Off, which I love, but I’ll try something else next and see what happens with that – I suspect I didn’t have the butter soft enough in the first place which would explain things a bit.

So the moral of this story is, either, make your butter really soft, use an electric whisk rather than pull a muscle using a wooden spoon, and when in doubt, add milk.